The Guardian Beclowns Itself Again

The Manchster Guardian, which has dropped the name of one of England’s most violent cities from its masthead screams..

The gun numbers: just 3% of American adults own a collective 133m firearms

America’s estimated population is 322.5 million. Three percent of that is obviously 9,675,000. So what the clowns are sying is that just under ten million of us own 14 each.

And we need a goose gun for goose hunting, a duck gun for the blind, a squirrel rifle, a varming rifle, big game rifles in calibers appropriate to the local big game, a “qual” shotgun for quail and woodcock, a field gun for rabbits hold up in the brushpiles, a home defense and a carry handgun, and a few more just for buncombe. Or Buncombe, if you are a stickler.

Ignoring the numbers from Fantasy Land, 255 million Adult Americans own 745 million serviceable or easily returned to service firearms, enough for three guns for every adult.

And what has it done for our relative crime rates?

In round numbers, the UK has one fifth the population of the United States. But according to heavily fiddled numbers the Office of National Statistics, the UK and hte US have approximately equal numbers of crimes, with the UK strongly leaning toward violence.

and it is time consuming but otherwise trivial to demonstrate
that every tightening of the UK’s gun laws has resulted in higher crime rates.

“Clown”has many meanings, including an insane person who acts foolishly. I can think of no more apt description of the Manchester guardian’s reporting.


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