The Greeks Had A Proverb For It

“Mathematics,” Wrote Aristotle, “teaches the student how to think.”

Euclid offered “Geometry teaches the student to examine his premises.”

Of the two, I think Euclid has the better argument, since most of the failures are due to faioure to validate the presumptions used to set a course of action.

For example, back in the 1930’s a Connecticut Yankee sold little balls of starch and a binder, flavored with baking powder and old shoe leather and dyed all the colors of the rainbow as “Puffles, the modern replacement for popcorn.” And the hapless sucker whould hand over his dime, Pop a few in his moth, spit them out, throw down the bag, glare at the machine, and walk off. This in a time when a dime would buy you a pound of pork chops. Obviously, the Puffle fad never caught on.

The error was in thinking everyone like the taste of old leather and baking powder.

But evidently Aristotle was wrong. I see a Georgia math teacher has been forced has moved after comparing Trump’s Make America Great Again ‘MAGA’ symbol with the reversed “good fortune” symbol of the National Socialist German Workers” or NAGA’> with the reversed “good fortune” symbol of the National Socialist German Workers Partei,” “NSDAP” or NAZI Partei.

MAGA refers to a time when America, triumphant after a war, had jobs for almost every American who wanted one, when Black unemployment rates were below five percent, and below three percent in many industrialized areas, a time when a magnanimous America was busily rebuilding the economies of our former enemies.

Adolph Hitler’s bad luck symbol refers to a time when Germany blamed Jews for all its problems from the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to hyperinflation brought on by “borrow, print, tax and blow” economics, and kept in power by only allowing NAXI Partei adherents to possess firearms. and yes, Germany had a form of “single payer health care, which bankrupted Germany and brought on Kristallnacht and the death camps.

Hitlers symbol of ill fortune references a time of despotism, regimentation, poverty, desperate efforts to take anything of value from the “undermen,” the Jews, Gypsies, and other European minorities. An effort that became more intense after Germany’s tanks started rolling into victim countries.

so in reality, those who compare a MAGA cap with some desised symbol of despotism could look much closer to home. there ar several accurate possibilities, including the hammer and sickle, but the most common equivalence is the sinister* swastika with the jackass.


* Left rolling bent cross, a symbol denoting a curse.

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