The “Fake News Awards” Shaming The Media

Fox News President Doonald J. Trump’s “Fake News Awards” are the top news item of the morning, edging out the government shutdown the Democrats are imposing.

I was surprised to see the Washington Post, FNHQDC, was not in the top five witheir fake news story on the “Russian Dossier.” After all, HFNQDC picked up a dead story and triggered a Democratic witch hunt reminiscent of the Kefauveeer Committee of the 1950’s.

Well, good. The Fascisto-Socialist media hates President Trump an his supporters so much they are not going to tell the truth about the man or his policies they are not going to stop the deliberate lies, giving the Republicans every cause to keep on handing out Liars Awards and reminding the voters of what liars their media is.

Something that is a very good thing. Especially since advertising money is moving to social media.


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