“The Ethics Of Gun Control Abuse In The US?”

Someone stopped by searching for “un control abuse in us ethics.”

There are several different possible questions implicit in that the way that search is phrased. It seems the most likely search is for the ethics of those who abuse gun control laws, but there are other possibilities almost as likely.

With that, and leaving the United States out of the picture for a moment, the history of such legislation warns us that once a restrictive gun law has been on the books long enough, it will be abused. And history also tells us that power hungry people dissatisfied with constraints the law places on them will ignore the law.

At first, abuses tend to be petty and local; a citation for legally carrying, for example. The confiscation for acts that are permitted under the law, conversion of citizens property to enforcement officers property, and eventually more restrictive pol policies.

For example, despite the Mississippi’s Constitutional “Open Carry” mandate, “the Sheriffs and the District attorneys agreed that open carry was illegal.” And people open carrying quite often ended up in prison for an act guaranteed b y the State Constitution.

Widening the view a b it…

As we have just seen with Loretta Lynch’s ignoring the law to create a registry of gun owners, and as the ancient Greeks discovered when Solon’s wise laws were set aside in favor of foolish ones.

Given the history of restrictive gun laws, I consider the laws themselves and those fronting them to be amoral and unethical. Laws that have resulted in the murder of more than 262 million humans by their own government should not be considered, and those who present such laws for consideration are entirely bereft of any qualities necessary for a position of authority.

Gun controls lead to increased crime, violence, and especially murder. Murder is forbidden both the moral and the ethical, so gun control laws are also immoral.

Immoral in the United States, in Europe, in Asia, in North America, Central America, and South America, in Africa, in Australia, and in all the islands above, below and in between those places.

Restrictions on citizens weapons were precursors to slavery 5,000 years ago, and gun control laws have not changed in that time.


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