The Denver Post Cannot Be Bothered With Facts

The Denver Post once again proved that a little thing like facts do not matter.

Briefly quoting the Denver Post gun ban lobby propaganda:

In the days after the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun enthusiasts rushed to buy millions of firearms, driven by fears that the massacre would spark new gun legislation. Those restrictions never became a reality, but a new study concludes that all the additional guns caused a significant jump in accidental firearm deaths.

Now the facts are these. Before Obama the total number of annual NICS checks hovered jsut over nine million, indicating sales of some six million new guns a year increasing to 12 million checks and 8 million new guns in 2008.

Gun sales began to climb with the advent of Obama and the constant threat of gun bans and gun confiscation. In 2010, there were 14,409,000 NICS checks, and 8.6 million guns sold. In 2012, the year the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred, there were 9.6 million new guns sold.

since the Sandy Hook tragedy occurred on December 14, in a year when Black Friday sales almost wiped out gun dealers inventory, there was no measurable effect on gun sales for 2012. Nor was there any effect on the continuing decline in fatal firearms accidents, something to be expected if millions of new gun owners were careless.

The chart below gives the year, the number of guns sold in millions, and the number of fatl firearms accidents from the CDC’s WISQARS website:





2015…..18.390…..(489) 0Fear of Hillary

The rise in accidental gun deaths in 2015 is, like the rise in homicides shown the chart below, clearly due to the activities of the gun ban lobby, which have caused a higher percentage of criminals to arm themselves.

I have no idea why the publisher of a once reputable newspaper would clutter his pages with gun ban lobby propaganda, but that is obviously the case.


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