“The Democrats Do Not Want To Destroy The Second Amendment!”

One of the trolls, whose faith I envy, insists that “Mrs Clinton and the Democrats do not want to destroy the Second Amendment.”

That is true. Killing the Second Amendment would requre another amendment, going through the same process of a a super majority of Congress, ratification by two thirds of the States, and the President’s signature. And at this time only the latter can be guaranteed.

No, reading the gun control bills before Congress as well as the Democratic Platform, it appears the ANTI Party wants to destroy the right to keep and bear arms by restrictive legislation and regulations.

As in the Russian Federation…

1.) Everty citizen has a right to keep and bear arms.

2.) Permission to possess or to purchase a gun must be obtained from the State. (SCOTUS Approved._

3.) Those who possessed a gun at the inception of the law were forced to turn in their guns, along with an application and a storage fee, or to surrender them for destruction.

4.) Those who wish to purchase a gun may obtain a purchase application at any police station, to be completed returned with the fee. *SCOTUS Approved.)

5.) Several agencies permission must be obtained before permission can be granted. The first such agency is the local branch of the Communist Party.

6.) Permission will not be granted to individuals who are not party members, or are otherwise deemed unreliable.

7.) EXCEPTIONS may be made for herdsmen who need a gun to protect livestock or crops from marauding animals.

Those regulations will not touch the Second Amendment, but will as effectively ban gun ownership as a Constitutional Amendment.

It would take a packed Supreme Court to carry that plot out, but the next eight years will almost certainly give an ANTI Party President and Senate plenty of opportunity to pack the courts. Just as they have already packed the Federal Courts of Appeals.


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