The Democrats Are Not Only Out To Destroy The Second Amendment – they want to kill the First Amendment as well

Introduced by Representative Marcy Kaptur (Democratic Socialist – OH) the “progressive left” proposes to ration or eliminate most political speech in the United States. The vehicle it the so-called “People’s Rights Amendment,” H.J.RES.7, which says:

`The first article of amendment does not apply to the political speech of any corporation, partnership, business trust, association, or other business organization with respect to the making of contributions, expenditures, or other disbursements of funds in connection with public elections.’.

That sounds innocent doesn’t it. But think about it. Your local newspaper is probably part of a corporation. So they could no longer present any political dissent. Of course, the Demos propaganda is “non-political” so you would still get that. But protest the anti’s lies about guns – and that’s political.

As with any law, there are many ramifications of that simple language. Our First Amendment Rights — free speech, a free press, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition for redress of grievances — would be redefined and reduced to virtually no rights at all. If the “peoples rights amendment” becomes law, those First Amendment rights could only be exercised by lone individuals. You could speak out in opposition to some government action – but no corporation owned media outlet could repeat your words. In fact, other than individual actions, no political speech would be allowed in any form.

So the National Rifle Association would not be able to lobby for your rights. The Second Amendment Foundation would be rendered helpless. The Gun Owners of America could not even tell its members that a bill would infringe on their gun rights.

So Marcy Kaptur, Nancy Pelosi, and the other backers of this “People’s Rights Amendment” do not want rights for the people. They want to deprive the people of their rights. They must be stopped. And retired.


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