The DC Notes The BATmen Are Registering Gun Owners

While the Daily Caller says it is legal, and I disagree, the DC has the skinny on the the Gestapo’s policy of recording and data banking personal information contained in ATF Form 4473. Loretta Lynch admitted the purpose of this policy is to identify gun owners, no doubt against confiscation day.

Otherwise, the DC pretty much has what we have been able to puzzle out of statements by past ATF and FBI directors and Attorneys General back to Nicolas John N. Mitchell.

ATF’s lawless behavior has earned it the coveted nickname “Gestapo,” and impelled the late William Colmer (D-MS) to describe ATF agents who raided arural barber ship because the barber saved pennies in an old ammo box “Jack booted thugs.” Obviously, like any organization that bends the law past recognition, ATF is not held in high esteem.

Otherwise, I find little to quibble about in the Daily Caller erport. Click on over, the Alley will be here when you get back.

And “for why?” To make meaningful opposition to this impossible.

The clear intent of that data banking is to set the stage for confiscation and of course the horrors of a Socialist State.


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