The Daily Caller Posts “The Big List of Gun Haters”

The Daily Caller has posted the NRA’s “Big List of Gun Haters,” with the note that gun control is not about guns. It is about control.

While the list is far too long to post here, get a cold drink, get comfortable, click on the link, and prepare to be enlightened.

And do remember that all of this started as a meeting of movie studio and television network executives in Chicago, over Thanksgiving weekend of 1963. The networks pledged a million dollars to the cause of exposing the real cause of societal violence, “easy access to guns,” while the studios and production companies promised unlimited support.

From that day to this, the studios and production studios have steadily cranked out anti-gun propaganda. The television networks have aired anti-gun propaganda. And the print media has been delighted to spread the anti-gun propaganda.

That one million dollar pledge by three networks has grown to the point that well over a billion dollars worth of anti-gun propaganda has been produced and disseminated. While much of that was a contribution in kind, it still cost money to make. Among other production companies, David Wolper Productions produced the first feature gun control programming in the United States. That propaganda hour reportedly cost Wolper $100,000 1968 dollars.

The NRA/Daily Caller list is a long list, and well worth bookmarking for reference. After all, you would not want to attend a movie starring a gun control activist – or subscribe to a newspaper that wants to confiscate your guns.


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