The “CSA Flag?”

An early rising someone with a South Bay URL asks if I have any data about the numbers of “CSA flags produced.”

Which flag? There were mroe than 400 300 flags recognized as “CSA Flags,” an average of about five different flags for each of the States for each year the Confederacy lasted.

For the most part, I suspect the total production run could be described as ” few,” or one. But the most likely flag to be “THE CSA Flag” would have been the “starry saltire,” St. Andrews Cross, or the elaborated version of the Union Jack.

That “Rebel Flag” came about because armies used signal flags to direct troops in battle, and the Confederates had plenty of them. All former U.S. Army issue, and utterly useless in fighting the land and sea battles sure to come.

British ships in Charleston harbor had a plentiful supply of Union Jacks, which were hastily purchased and pressed into CSA service. Gussied up a bit with stars and whatnots by Confederate flag makers the Union Jack became the notorious “Confederate battle flag” so many still love to hate.

Strictly speaking, production for the Confederacy did not exceed 250,000 flags, but it has been in continuous production for a century and a half, with total production estimated at 200,000,000.


NB – he historical source on the Confederate battle flag” is the Dixie Gun Works catalog.

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