The Crises The Left Won’t Talk About

As the last two weeks have show, the Progressive Left, AKA Democrats, are all too eager to jump on any instace of firearm misuese to promote new gun laws.

But there are two major menaces that the left refuses to talk about. The first is the drug empidemic, particularly the opioid problem.

The Daily Mail reports opioid overdoses are killing us at a rate of 175 a day, six an hour, one every ten minutes.

The second is a more general version of the same thing, the drug trafficking that results in 12,000 murders a year.

Until recently, guns were used 9,000 times a year, more than 6,000 of those criminal on criminal killings.

And yet, the Progressive Left dismisses the drig problem, which takes more than ten times the lives each yar that cirminal misuse of gunes does as if it is the most natureal thing in the world.

In fat, if they have anything at all to say about the drug crisis or opioid epidemic, it is to oppose any effort to stop that trafficking.

It is time for a change. A lot of changes.

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