The “Cost” Series: California Homicide And Gun Control

This continues the cost of gun control with California’s homicide total, looking for “conicidences” between gun control campaigns and laws and increases in crime rates. As with most things humans deal with, there are coincidences, but every restrictive gun law cannot result in an increase in all the categories of violent crime by coincidence.

Regular Alley readers will recall the chart documenting the increase in California’s violent crime rate, which we linked to Federal gun laws with six points of coincidence plus the conicidences with gun control cam paigns.

This chart shows the California’s homicide rate, which also shows six points of coincidence with Federal gun control laws,

In 1960 California Law Enforcement Agencies reported 616 homicides to the FBI. The homicide total floated around that number, going to and 657 in 1961 and 1962, respectively.

In late 1963 Hollywood began a gun control, actually a gun ban, campaign, and for that year, California LEA’s reported a total of 673 homicides.

1964 was the first full year of the nation’s first nationwide gun ban drive, In that year, California authorities reported 740 homicides to the FBI, up significantly from the last five years average.

1968 marked the fifth year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, and the year Lyndon Johnson signed the Gun Control Act of 1968 into Federal law. with just two weeks of Federal gun controls, California logged 1,150 homicides.

1973 was the fifth full year of Federal gun controls, and that year California Law Enforcement Agencies reported 1.882 homicides, almost triple the 673 of a decade earlier.

Intense pressure for gun control continued to push homicide numbers higher, reaching a peak of 4,096 homicides in 1993, the year Willie Clinton sighed the Assault Weapons Ban of 1993 into law.

While police reported homicides fell after 1993, there are indications some very violent cities and counties do not fully report crimes reported to or discovered by a Law Enforcement Agency.

Still, this chart provides another six points of similarity between gun control laws and campaigns and the homicide rate:

Between these charts, and the third chart showing the link between gun control campaigns, gun control laws, and robbery, we have a scientific certainty of a causative ling between gun control and violent crime in California:

As you can see, all three of these charts show a clear family resemblance. If violent crime is a bit “fatter than the other pair, that is normal and expected.

We shall return to California one more time, in the rouindup of 20 of the 50 States. Which States does not matter, since all 50 States and the district of Columbia show this identical result from either a gun control law or a gun campaign. More crime,more violence, and increasingly higher costs as time goes on.



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