The Cost Of Parole And Probation

Thos of us who “took civics” back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth probably recall the original purpose of penal servitude, including peneteniarys, parole, and probation.

A penetentary was originally a “House of pentinence,” where someone who had transgressed to be placed until they repented their crime.

Parole wa a acceptance of the offenders “Word of honor” they would not re offend.

Probation was a provisional release reserved for those who had not completed their sentence to the house of pentinence, but were judgeged to have genuinely repented their crime.

And this exercise in lexicography resulted from a tragedy in Massachusetts, where an Officer was murdered overnight by a career criminal with 111 entries on his adult rap sheet.

If I heard the radio correctly, that makes more than 5 convictions a year since his 18tg birthday. That amounts to one conviction, imprisonment, and early release every 70 days or so.

Penal servitude is an effective cure for crime – provided the penalty is severe enough to hurt the offender. Studies indicate two years or more of time served will begin to make an offender resolve not to repeat their mistak, and perhaps 30 days imprisonment does not come close to that length of time.

Keeping in mind that official crime numbers for Boston do not come close to the crime totals the media reports, you can easily see the reults of Massachusetts gun control laws, and the results of computerizing crime reporting, highlighted in red:

Of course, Massachusetts is a “Progressive,” meaning ultra-Socialist state, where the crime rates

Given the facts, it appears th ereal criminals in Massachusetts are not the offenders but the lawmakers and administrators who let career criminals skate with the equivalent of a short vacation several times a year, and who compound the problem by disarming the victim class.


NB: The FOX News report in this tragedy is here.

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