The Cost of Gun Control In The United States

Whie we have had regularly enforced gun laws since 1865, it was not until 1905 that those laws impacted an Americans right to purchase,own,or carry a gun. Most of the restrictive gun laws were “time and place laws, generally observed as a part of civilized behavior.

Labor problems were the proximate cause of the restrictive laws imposed in the 1905-06 period, as workers demands for bettre wages and working ocnditions clashed with the determined opp;osition of mine,mill,and factory owners not to give an inch. The resutlt were many armed clashes between striking workers and the company’s hired “strikebreakers,called scabs.

The immediate result was a near vertical increase in murder and violent crime rates, particularly assault. It was not unusual for workers walking a picket line to be jeered by scabs patrolling the fence, and violence often resulted.

Then Prohibition came to America, driving violent crime and murder rates to more than ten times the pre gun control levles. The chart below shows the homicide rate, excerpted from Justice Department,Census,and local records:

If you look closely you can see the sharp initial rise in murder rates, followed by a brief decline as labor tension eased in 1909, followed by the sharp rise in crime from New York’s Sullivan Law in 1911, the temporary halt to the climbing homicide rate during WWI, the spike at the 1919 imposition of Prohibition, the climbing murder rates as criminal gangs killed off their rivals, and then the sharp decline in the murder rate after the end of prohibition in 1933.

After prohibition \ enforcement of many restrictive gun laws eased, both beaues of the lack of money during the Depression, and because many LLaw Enforcement Officers realized such laws were counterproductive.

That began a 30 year decline in the homicide rates that ended in 1963.That year, two peer reviewd and meticulously done studies demonstrate link between juvenile violence and exposure to small screen violence.

hat was also the year President John F. Kennedy was murdered. The panicked entertainment industry took advantage of President Kennedy’s murder to launch a campaign to ban “the real reason for violence in America, mail order guns.”

Since official data is readily available and linkable, the balance of this discussion will concern the modern gun control movements, with an overview of violent crime and homicide.

Key dates used throughout the 51 postes in this series will be 1964, the first full year of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign:

1968, the fifth full yer of Hollywood’s gun ban campaign, nd the year that industry got draconian gun control laws in Illinois and New Jersey, a number of less restrictive State laws,and the Federal Gun control Act of 1968 (TCA^*():

And 1993, the year Hillary Clinton ramrodded the Assault WEapons Ban through Congress. That was generally the peak year for violent crimes, although lawsuits delayed the peak a year in some venues.

The underlying FBI sourced data for this part of the discussion can be had with a click at this convenient spreadsheet, and many police headquarters have the paper copies on file.

So it is time for a a chart of America’s violent crimes

In 1960 American Law Enforcement agencies reported 288,288,460 violent crimes, murders, rapes,robberies, and aggravated assaults to the FBI.

In 1963, with a somewhat larger population, local LEA’s reported 316,970 such crimes.

In 1964,the first full year of a gun ban campaign, LEA’s reported 364,220 such crimes.

In 1968,the fifth year of Hollywood’s gun ban and the first two weeks of the Gun Control Act of 1968campaign American LEA’s reported 595,010 violent crimes to the FBI..

1969 was the first full year of Federal, and two State,gun control laws, and local LEA’s reported 61,870 violent crimes to the FBI.

1973 was the fifth full year of Federal gun controls, and local Law Enforcement Agencies reported 875.910 violent crimes to the FBI. 1993 was the peak of the campaign to ban so-called “assault weapons,” a rifle used far more ofte by police SWAT teams than by civilians with harm on their minds.

I993 marked a turning point, as relaxed gun laws and general realization that our masters in Washington intended to disarm Americans started a wave of gun purchases. In the next few months, more than 200 million new guns have been purchased, cutting violent crime from 758.1 violent crimes including 9.5 murders per 100,000 in 1993 to to 379.12 violent crimes and 4.5 homicides per 100,000 in 2013.

That is when the latest gun control campaign began doing what gun control ampaigns have invariably done,drive up the crime rate. If you refer to the upper,homicide,chart, the red columns at the right side of the chart shows the effect the latest gun control drives have had on the murder rate/

Since the entertainment industry began its 1963 gun control campaign in 1963, the total cost of gun control has exceeded $4,200,000,000.00,$4.2 trillion,equivalent to $16,000 for every living American and more than$37,000 for every current American

Watch for the 51 posts showing in detail what gun cotnrl did to your State, and to every State.


N.B. his survey of gun control and crime rates is double posted, here ant at Extranos Alley.


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