The Connection Between Gun Control And Trump’s “Travel Ban?”

Someone came by searching for “connection gun control and travel ban?”

While “civilian arms restrictions” predate President Donald Trump’s travel ban by more than 4,000 years, there is a connection.

In ancient Mesopotamia and modern Seattle, gun controls have led to much higher crime rates, demands for more law enforcement, and all the other evils associated with protecting the criminal underclass. Therefore gun control makes the public less safe.

The lack of an effective vetting process for trailers from areas that do little or nothing to curb terrorism also put the public in danger. So the So the temporary and limited restrictions on travel certain countries such as Iran endangers the public. Thje active elements are different, in one case criminals, in the other religious extremists, but the effect of having gun controls or not having a system in place to evaluate travelers is much the same.

And if you doubt that, talk to a survivors of the San Bernardino and 911 attacks.


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