The Broke Party Holds An Anti-Obama March In Chicago

Posting at Professor William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection, Anne Sorock reports on Chicago’s aptly named new political party, the ‘Broke Party.’

The new largely black political party marched from an Obama fundraiser to the ABC studios to protest the destruction of their communities. Briefly quoting Anne Sorock’s post at Legal Insurrection:

The protest, which took place Thursday evening, addressed these community members’ growing desperation as their wartorn neighborhoods are redeveloped by political cronies, evicting residents and shutting out local investors, and use union labor from outside the community to do the work. It’s a corrupt cycle of government “work” that takes advantage of the poor, evicting them, and then redeveloping the properties to benefit anyone but the community.

Many of Chicago’s primarily black communities date to the 1930’s; when Franklin Delano Roosevelt established a relatively high minimum wage for the United States. That wage forced many semi-skilled black workers out of local labor markets and resulted in overt starvation in cities such as Birmingham and Atlanta. Roosevelt promptly announced a huge relief effort for displaced black workers, with warehouses in Northern cities such as Newark, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis. The result was a mass migration of Southern Blacks to the North, “from nothing to something” in the words of a black man I met in Cicero.

The northern cities had a few jobs for unskilled workers; and slowly the southerners assimilated. By the late 1940’s, when Trib character Al the Gravedigger’s place was a spring stop on our route; the neighborhoods that are described as war zones were both reasonably prosperous – and safe.

Today, most of the jobs have been shipped “offshore,” in return for purchases of Treasury Bonds. Shipped offshore with the knowledge and approval of Union bosses who should have been fighting tooth and nail to keep those jobs in the United States. So, with the black unemployment rate above 14 percent, and the black youth unemployment rate above 50% in many cities, black Americans have every reason to complain.

Good for the members of the Broke Party. One we will all belong to if the politicians responsible for the current debacle remain in office.


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