The Best Holster?

Someone came by searching for “the best holster.”

That is a sort of broad subject. There are thousands of different guns, dozens of different ways to carry, and hundreds of individual tastes and situations.

Generally speaking, a holster should be utilitarian to the point it is easy to make quick and clean draw. On the other hand, for most purposes a holster should look as though the person wearing it is a sold citizen who would never consider doing anything out of the way.

As far as holster material is concerned, the inexpensive sack holders that are so common are fine for carrying in places you are not likely to be judged by your holster’s appearance.

The plastic holsters that are used by many law enforcement agencies is a step up. The material generally looks acceptably well worn with a uniform, but it does not shout “solid citizen” the way a good leather holster does/

Leather is pretty much the top step of the holster ladder. Some makers boast of “horsehide,” others “top grain leather,” or some exotic leather such as elephant or sharkskin.

From the standpoint of the citizen who carries and does not want to be molested by inquiring badge toters, a nice shiny top grain cowhide holster is pretty much as good as you can get. Under extreme conditions, horsehide holds up a bit better, but are you really going to stand out in the rain for several hours a day?

Well tanned shagreen, sharkskin, may last as long as bull hide, but despite the rough, and sometimes snaggy, surface it is no more durable.

So the major considerations of appearance, wear, and utility are best served by a good leather holster that fits your carry weapon out of sight, out of mind, and if a wayward wind exposes it draws admiration instead of opprobrium.

Like this holster:

N-Frame Holster

N-Frame Holster

Let me add that site policy is “no advertising, no freebies, and any product mentions and photographs are of products purchased and tested by one of the Strangers.

I do not have a late photo of one of Michael’s holsters from the Holster Site. This photo was taken rather hastily several years ago – and you will have to take my word for it that I have worn this holster hundreds of times, done nothing to it other than fill it with iron, an N frame Smith, and put it on my belt literally hundreds of times, and it looks as good as new.

It has been, and remains, and excellent holster that retains Roscoe even when I must get under and beat on the gas tank to get the fuel pump going, and that still draws admiration on the rare occasion s I open carry.


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