The Banners Getting Away With Almost Anything

Almost 24 years ago a group whseemed be dividing their time between lobbyig for banning guns, and filling the media with propaganda asked Congress for money to “research gun violence.”

Of course, gun owners protested, project did not make it off the ground. And quite rightly so.

Allowing that group to “research research gun vioelence would have been at the same level as rushing out to find a Klaern of Klansman to judge minorities traffic citations.

Bit numbers of media outlets, including th once respectable Bemidji N, Pioneeer has jumped on the BBOOHOOHOO, they won’t let us research gun violence any more” bandwagon.

In fact, we gun owners would be more than happy to have a fair and unbiased study of gun laws and gun violence done.

But we will not recognize the product of a well known and easily recognized propaganda mill.

In this time of declining circulation, that is also something every editor and publisher should keep in mind.


About Stranger

A collaborative effort, Extranos Alley is primarily concerned with providing up to date data on the relationships between privately woned firearms and crime, violence, and politics. The site is maintained by nine volunteers who have given up their identity that the work here may be considered without regard to the individual data. The contributors are a diverse group, ranging from a retired physicist to a board certified psychologist.
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