The ANTI’s Are In A Dither About Texas Sword Carry Law

There is actually more comment from CNN and other eng game Socialist outlets about Texas new law restoring citizens rights to carry a sword than there is about gun control campaigns.

If yoiu judge by the 1780, and 1828, meaning of the words James Madison chose when he wrote the Second Amendment, Americans have always had a right to keep and bear a sword. Or machete,kulra. Bowie knife, dagger, gravity knife, patch knife, cigar trimmer, toenail clipper, or whatever sort of “edged weapon” legislators with more authority than knowledge choose to ban.

I seriously doubt that citizens will rush to purchase a galadius, ballock*, or Claymore, but they should have full rights to do so if they wish.

On a personal note I have a couple of “smallswords” hanging on the TV room wall, One bitterly cold morning the neighborhood kids were in there waiting on the school bus, when one of the girls saw those and asked the wife “Do you and your husband fight with those swords?”

For several years newcomers were introduced as “The couple who fight with swords instead of argue.”

If you do choose to own a sword, the rules of storing guns apply. Starting with “Out of sight is out of mind” for casual visitors.


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