“That’s Gunfire, That’s A Machine Gun”

Browsing the news reports on the Las Vegas horror, several persons on the music fest identified the weaon as a machine gun, at least one while the killer was firing on the crowd.

Listening to Youtube videos of several assault rifles, the full auto version of the AK-47 seems the best fit to the reports heard on video taken during the mass murder.

That weapon is an “NFA weapon,” requiring registration, a background check so thorough “They even found out what brand of toilet tissue my school used whenn I started school.”

A background check that can easily take a year or more.

I find it unlikely the killer would obtain such a weapon through legitimate channels.

But there are still thousands of easily convertible civilianized semi-autos from various ATF “Operations” floating arouind. So many that one was even used in France’ Bataclan concert venue massacre of a couple of years ago.

If the weaon is one of those “DOJ Central” told the ATF to sell to the Sinaloa Cartel’s buyers, those who gave that order have a lot more blood on their hands this morning.


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