That Isn’t The Half Of It, Daily Wire

The Dailly Wire points out the obvious fact that if the Democrats do not help fix the immigration mess they will be complicit in every murder or other serious crime committed by an illegal immigrant.

While that is true, that is less than half the story. The Democrats own every gun contrl law passed since 1963 – and the chart below shows the results of those laws:

Starting at the left side of the chart, wwe can all see the slow decline in homicides that took place between 1950 and 1963.

Next, Hollywood’s aaattempt to protect its “residual payments” or “residuals” began in December, 1963. You can see the results of that gun ban campaign resulted in a sharp rise in violent crime, beginning in 1964, and continuing through 1968.

The Federal GUn Control Act of 168 took effect in December and the results in the form of a steeper rate of rise in the murder rate began in 1959.

Sme parts of GCA68 were repealed in the early 1970’s, resulting in stabilizing the homicide rate, and then a small decline in the rate.

The next major increas began with Handgun Cntrol, Inc.?s “Assault weapons Ban campaign of 1987, resulting in rising rates until Americans began buying defensive firearms such as handguns, shotguns, and military styled Sport Utility Rifles.

The added danger these defense weapons added to a criminal lifestyle resulted in a near vertical decccline that ended with renewed pressure for gun control in 1998.

The next step was a war to ffurther relax State gun laws, resulting in a long slow decline imto; 20113, when an intense gun ban campaign began. The results of that ban are highlighted in re with the gold bar representing the estimated 2017 homicide rate.

Obviously, since the Democrats are responsible for every restrictive gun law imposed since 1950, they own that big bulge in the middle of the graph, as well as the red columns on the rightr.

If the Democrats had not been so eager to get revenge on gun owners for the murder of President John F. Kennedy, the homicide rate would have continued to decline at the same, or a little faster rate, than it did in the 1951-1950 decade. And now, 57 years later, the US homicide rate would be approximately 2.5 per 100,000 population, and the sum total of murders for the 1950 to 2018 perid would be some 800,000 less.

that’s a lot of blood to have on your hands and the Party of gun bans will never washi it off. The murders, rapes, aggravated assaults and robberies committed by illegals can never begin to touch what has has already been done, many times over.

If there is any justice in this world, those responsible should pay and pay and pay some more.

The dpwm payment on payback is for them to be removed from any position of political power, from sanitary inspector to President.

And I am ready to vote. Are you?


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