Terrorist In A Gun Free Zone: Report 20+ Dead In Las Vegas Strip

UPDATE The current toll in the Mandaly Bay shooting is “more than 400 wounded, more than 50 dead.”

Paddock reportedly had at least 10 fully automatic weapons in his Mandalay Bay suite, along with perhaps 400 loaded magazines in the suit. .

I will post further updates if I get more of interest. [end]

Las Vegas mass killer Stephen Paddock reportedly once lived in Texas, and had no known criminal record. Paddock had taken a corner suite in the Mandaly Bay Casino complex, giving him multiple vantage points to shoot from. Paddock waited until the headliner was performing before cutting loose with gunfire into a crowd.

UPDATE The active killer has been identified as 64 year old Stephen Paddock of Las Vegas. The latest casualty count is “more than 50 dead and more than 200 wounded.”

There is no official word on the weapon used, but from the rate of fire on the video clip posted below, I suspect it was a fully automatic AK-47, with the first burst from a 100 round accessory magazine, and later bursts from standard capacity magazines.

I see the Las Vegas MPD is “Confident Paddock’s female companion has been located” is a strong hit the lady was Paddock’s first victim, which would explain much about the tragedy.

And yes, there are multiple demands for gun bans, gun control, mandatory annual background checks for gun owners, and other foolishness. [end]

UPDATE 2 Video of the Mandalay Bay Shooting, sounds like emptying a magazine in full auto, firing down on the crowd from his room, if that is actually what he did::

UPDATE CBI reports the shooter was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay facility and opened fire from there. Consider the source and wait for verification. pend]

Very early reports of an active shooter attack at Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Casino a>have it that more than 20 are dead and 100 wounded.

The police report there was only one shooter, who is dead. There is no reports of any threats or shouting, just “get in the middle of a crowd and start shooting.”

A witness says the single shooter was in the middle of a crowd at a country music festival. The Mandalay Bay casino is, like all Las Vegas casinos, a gun free zone, so the shooter will have met with no effective resistance, making the facility a mass murder magnet.

There is a great deal more, and more current reports, at the link.

For my part, our sympathy goes to the victims and their families in this tragedy.

Beyond that, as almost invariably happens, as we get close to making progress on driving our nation’s violent crime rates back to 188-‘s levels, another tragedy occurs to give the gun ban people a new excuse for laws that drive up crime rates.

This tragedy will result in far more victims than the count from the Mandalay Bay. And that is the real tragedy.


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