Tell That To The Gun Ban Lobby, Lady

I see another entertainer has chose to come down onthe gun ban lobby’s side, saying “No one is trying to take away guns.”

The former head of the Brady Campaign, Nelson Shields was quite open in his desire to bam gims. telling CBS after the signing of the Assault Weapons Ban in 1993 “I bwliww handguns will be banned within ten years, and private possession of any gun will be banned within twenty years.”

Sarah Brady and the lot currently running the former “Handgun Control, Inc.” are as adamant that guns must eventually be banned in a one step at a time process as Shields was.

Billionaire gun ban lobby funder Michael Bloomberg has repeated been quited as saying that gun possession must be “very narrowly restricted,” another way of sayng ordiary citizens guns will be confiscated if his Everytown gun ban lobby succeeds in registering every American gun Owner.

“Gun violence warrior” Ladd Everett has made similar calls for gun band, as have a multitude of others prominent in the gun ban lobbies.

So don’t come around here telling that tale, we know better. And we have known better since December, 1963 when Time started demanding the confiscation of all privately held guns, to be made into a statue of President John F. Kennedy to be erected across the Mississippi River at St. Louis.


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