“Take Your Purse and Buy A Sword”

From time to time I mention Jesus Last Supper injunction to His followers to “take your purse, and the money in your traveling bag, and buy a sword.”

That order is both precise – and delightfully imprecise. Greek is as well provided with words for one sort or another of edged weapons as English, and one fairlly comprehensive “dictionary of swords” fills two fat volumes.

I am told that the word Jesus used denotes an edged weapon somewhat shorter and lighter than the Centurian’s gladius, sixteen to eighteen inches in overall length, sharp oint, two edges, with a pronounced blood groove and a one handed grip.

A “small sword,” in reality. In a world where five feet was a normal height at maturity, that was plenty to fend off a robber, or even let some daylight into the black heart of a despot, without becoming a burden.

Swords are out of fashion, largely because they take almost daily practice to keep one’s skills at a high level. Guns a much more satisfactory solution to the need for a weapon to defend self and others. Besides, the mortality rte from gunshot wounds is lower than that from knife attacks.

Given that, substituting a handgun for a sword should be an approved substitution. And almost any suitable handgun will do.



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2 Responses to “Take Your Purse and Buy A Sword”

  1. harp1034 says:

    I live in Texas where we can carry any edged weapon. You can walk down the street with a sword or a big bowie knife on one side and a handgun on the other. However, you would need a LTC for the gun but not the edged weapon.
    I thought about doing that. I would most likely to end up on TV. I like to keep a low profile so I nixed that idea.

  2. Stranger says:

    Well, you would definitely get some respect. Especially if the weapon in question happened to be a six foot Claymore with close to a foot of two handed hilt rubbing the brim of your John B.


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