Take Your Gun To Churcgh

Steve Bartin’s has a gun ban propaganda piece all dressed up as a report on a Church that keeps its members safe.

In the first part of gthis epic is “the expert,” saying things like “An amateur is the last thing needed,” and “an amateur” is likely to shoot bystanders at random.

In Cloud KuKu Land, people carry guns to engage in gunfights. Here on this plandt called Earth, people carry guns and other defensive weapons so they can avoid getting into a life threatening situation. And the very best way, by the crime statistics, to do that is to make a potential assailant aware that both his, or her, intended victim is armed, so are those arend them.

so far as the video is concerned, the Church follows Jesus as Supper instruction to his followers to buy a concealable version of the Roman gladius or short sword in order to defend themselves and those around them. There may be something “off camera” that violates the precepts, but they are not obvious to me.

But of course, the second half of the video is an academic “expert” with the usual line of hokum. Starting with the assumption that we carry guns to actually defend ourselves from violent attack. In reality, we gun for the same reason Jesus told his disciples to carry a Jewish Bowie knife. To gain the respect given the proficient with weapons, and keep our craven souls out of trouble with the violent among us.

And following that, we get another dose of hokum with the untenable position that “an amateur” is likely to find themselves in a crisis situation and start shooting at random, and that whole chain of fallacies.

Nationally, the “Police killing in error” rate is fractionally greater than 16 16 percent, but that varies widely from jurisdictino jurisiction, from eight percent to more than 25 percent.

Leaving the academic equivalent of Cloud Cuckoo Land for plan old Planet Terra, subdivision, United States of America….

Where the “Killing in error rate” for the general population is just 2.85%. That is, less than three out of every 100 homicides are the result of an error, usually a violation of Jeff Cooper’s “Four Rules of gun safety.”

And where national the error rate for “official intervention,” police killings is is four to 13 times the civilian rate and a national “Official Intervention in Error” rate is 15.9%.*

It should be obvious that the “expert” is far less safe with a gun in their hand that the barber, big box store cashier, auto mechanic, and the other twenty million Americans who either have a License to Carry, or need no permit to carry.

That seems a difficult concept for academia, but it does not escape a local teacher, who must disarm herself every workday before she can enter her workplace.

And the bottom line? The numbers and the Book both say you are much safer if you carry an effective defensive weapon. One can hardly go wrong to follow what they tell us.

Carry, as if you life depended on it. Because there is a surprising possibility that it does.


DEFINITION: “Shooting in error” defines a shooting death in which the victim posed no threat to the shooter or anyone else.

* 2015 statistics from the DOJ

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