Support for Zambada Niebla’s “Collusion Between US Government And Sinaloa Cartel”

While it is just another brick in the Gun and Grenade Walking wall; Narco News reports a Mexican diplomat’s e-mails revealed by Wikileaks confirm a quid-pro-quo between the US Government and the Sinaloa Cartel Jesus Vincente Zambada Niebla is using to defend himself in his drug trafficking trial.

Briefly quoting from the Narco News report linked above:

The Mexican diplomat’s assessment of the US and Mexican strategy in the war on drugs, as revealed by the email trail, paints a picture of a “simulated war” in which the Mexican and US governments are willing to show favor to a dominant narco-trafficking organization in order to minimize the violence and business disruption in the major drug plazas, or markets.

Uh huh. That would be “4G” trafficking, and that sounds about right. Guns and grenades go one way, girls and ganja go the other. And both the cartel and the political machine behind the official who made the deal profit.


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