S’True, Legal Gun Owners Are NOT The Problem

An item in the Herald and News lays it out like it is.

Legal gun owners are not a problem. 35 years ago the Carter Adnistration’s Wright Rossi Report found thee typical first time gun offender already had 2.8 felony convictions when he committed his first gun crime.

For a person with no criminal record who just turned 21 and eager to buy his first gun, the probability that the person will ever be involved with the law is close to 1 in 3,000 and that the young person will use a gun to commit a crime are approximately one in 11,000.

By contrast, the chances that a 21 year old with a felony conviction will use a gun to commit a crime are estimated to be 1 in 20.

Of course, those numbers do vary somewhat, depending on the stringency of the law and the level of enforcement. Strict laws, strictly enforced, give young thugs the idea that crime is a safe occupation.

By the same token, very relaxed gun laws give criminals the impression that the face to face forms of crime are extremely dangerous, and suppress instead of encourage crime.


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