Street Price Of A .32 Caliber Pistol?”

Someone stopped by searching for “32 bore pistol price black market.”

The price of a .32 semi-automatic pistol to a member of the criminal underworld varies across Europe, running from 400 Pounds, %6– USD, in England to EU 50, about $75 USD, in parts of the former East Bloc.

Here in the United States, it has been many years since the .32 was considered a “police caliber,” and the price is generally in the same range as a .22 semi-auto, about $74 to a known criminal.

Those prices increase to whatever the traffic will bear if the person buying is not a member of the criminal underworld. I have heard of small caliber handguns that probablyi cost less than $20.00 new going for as much as $600 to a desperate New Yorker whose family had been threatened.


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