Stolen From His Employer?

Multiple reports confirm that the Las Vegas active killer Stephen Paddock used used an unspecified type of assault rifle, one of ten such assault rifles found in the Mandalay Bay suite Paddock occupied.

Listening to YouTube clips of assault rifles, the rate of fire and frequency distribution of the Mandalay Bay tragedy the gunfire best fits an AK type assault rifle.

If so, they were full auto AK’s they would have a black market value of of $4,000 each. If they were new high dollar European assault rifles, the current black market price is reportedly close to $25,000 each. Whether they are top of the line or refurbished service rifles, they are were not cheap. Nor were magazines and ammunition. Particularly in calibers like .300 Blackout or some of the other rarities.

And that brings up the question of where they came from. Thee are many possibilities, including the NarcoCartels, someone with an”in” in the warehouse the Mexican Army stores the guns they confiscate, others engaged in organized crime. and so on.

Personally, my guess is the weapons are either arsenal refurbs, or “autosear conversions” of semi-automatic utility rifles. A dozen of either could easily cost $60,000, plus spare magazines and ammunition, but that would be cheap compared to some possibilities.

And speaking of money, Paddock was reportedly affluent – but spent a lot of time in the casinos. That is an extremely rare combination since casinos losing money more than once to a customer is also rare.

We will see what we will see, and hopefully the mystery of Stephen Paddock will be explained.


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