Stanford Anti Gives Up Nomination Attempt

The an anti=gun Stanford professor jas ggiven up on afederal nomination.

A Stanford professor of medicine, Dean Winslow, was nomiated to the Pentagon’s medical staff, until something he was told at his caused him to decline the post. Brieflly quooting the Stanford Daily report linked above:

Winslow’s hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee took place in early November, less than 48 hours after a mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, left 26 dead and wounded 20 others. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) had asked Winslow about the military discharge status of the shooter when, as part of his answer, Winslow commented on civilian access to assault weapons.

What Winslow said was, according to Winslow,

“he United States of America, a civilian can go out and buy a semiautomatic assault rifle, like an AR-15,” he said.”

Those words cost Winslow the nomination.

And I definitely approve. The situation is analogous to buying a used car. Gun control is well used, with a 522 year history, at leasst 57,789 examples, and, if success is defined as reducing crime, making anyone safer, or reducing the incidence of politically motivated assignations, gun control has a track record of utter failure. The longest and most numerous string of absolute failures in recorded history.*

When you buy a car that is new to you, you want to know what its record is. Was it top deep in a flood? was it wrecked? Are the front tires the ones that came to the dealer with the car?
Yes, we have CarFax, that will give you at least part of the history of a used car. But how many dealers obtain a CarFax report before bidding on a good looking car at the auction?

It is up to the purchaser to make sure he or she gets a report, and reads it, before they they put cash on the dealers ocunter. Yet friends in that trade tell me nobody asks for the report – no one looks to see if the front tires match the rear tires, if the wear on those tires is consistant with the milage shown, and even whether or not the radio plays and the heater b;pws war, aor/

the official violent crime rate for the U.K. is 29 per 1000, the equivalent of 2800 per 100,000, compared to the U.S. violent crime rate of 397.1 and all reported crimes rate of 2,847.8 per 100,000. So, officially, an American runs almost a three percent risk of being the victim of some cimre while a Brit has a the same chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

On the other hand, this is what happens whn you relax gun laws, as the United States has been doing:

The chart shows the long slow decline in the US homicide (murder_ rate from 1950, and a very small increase in juvenile homicides arter the release of the movie version of West Side Story. The entertainment industry, alarmed that law enforcment noted the spike in juvenile crime aftr the move was released, started a campaign to attack the root of the prolem by “banning mail order gun sales in 1963, when our violent crime rate was 168.2 per 100,000 population.

You can read the results of that campaign, and the gun control laws that resulted from it here, all the way to a peak violent cirme rate of 487 in 1975, when the end of ammunition buyer registration and other softening brought the crime rats down.

The campaign to “ban assault weapons” resulted in a peak violent crime rate of 758 in 1992, at which point “must issue Licenses to Carr Concealed” began driving down violent crime rates. Rates that stayed down until 2013, when the latest gun ban campaigns began driving up violent crime rates.

That is shown in red at the right side of the chart, with the gold line at the extreme right side of the chart is the United States estimated homicide rate for 2018. The curve generated by the latest data is essentially the same as that of the 1963 to 1998 period, and if the gun ban lobby geeeets its way, we can expec the 2027 violent cirme rate to be above 1600 per w00,000 and the homicide rate to to top 15 per 100,000.

Winslow and his ilk should have no place in the government of a free society. So Winslow’s words which show that regardless of his other qualifications, and may in fact be able to excise a kiney, tie off the blood vessels and the other matters necessary before suturing the incision in 30 seconds flat, he is not competent for any position in government.


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