Splits In The Soros Camp?

Front Page reports a split in George Soros primary political funding organization, the so-called ‘Democracy Alliance.’

Briefly quoting the Front Page news report linked above:

The conflict within Soros’s group has created two factions. On one side are Democracy Alliance members who believe in the original mission of the donors’ collaborative. Created after Democrats failed to reclaim power in the 2004 election, the group started out funding left-wing political infrastructure – think tanks, activist groups, leadership schools, and media outlets— to help the Left gain and keep power. The idea was to focus on long-term organizational issues as opposed to helping Democrats get elected every election cycle.

Actually, Soros purpose in founding the Democracy Alliance was to further the Fabian Socialist ends of the Democratic Socialists of America. A group founded by the Communist Party USA, and dedicated to slowly turning the United States into a socialist state.

The Democracy Alliance has as its stated goal imposition of “European style socialism” on the United States. Soros publicly talks of France – but from less publicized utterances apparently dreams of something more on the order of the Third Reich. However, it should be clearly understood that Moscow is also a European capitol, and the Communist Party USA had that model in mind when it created the DSA.

One thing is certain. Whatever Soros has in mind, a Republic is not a part of it. Nor are firearms, except for a few in the hands of Party (Partei?) official and enforcers.

Soros has given far more to gun control groups than any other funder. Rumor from so far reliable sources has it that Soros is willing to give anti-gun groups and anti-gun candidates up to one billion dollars in this election cycle. And that Soros is already funding the publicity for a campaign to repeal Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws.

From my standpoint any split in the oligarchs behind the so-called “Democracy” Alliance is a good thing. I hope it gets much wider – very rapidly.


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