“Spengler” Says Obama Is Toast

Writing at PJ Media, the noted Asia Times economic and political columnist “Spengler,” David Goldman, says Obama is toast.

Goldman cites the real unemployment numbers, 23% instead of the politicized labor department’s 8 and whatever the lie is today. It’s hard to convince a man who has been pounding the pavement for two years with nary an offer that unemployment is easing. It is equally hard to convince the man’s kith and kin, his unemployed former co-workers, or anyone else who would not buy gold bricks at ten cents a pound.

So yes, it is long past time for Bam’s toaster to pop. But unemployment is not the only factor working against Obama. You cannot tax and regulate away a business’ profits and expect it to thrive. Except in the asylum, and in Obamaland.


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