Speaking of Accidental Gun Deaths…

In 1900 the Census of that year found there were 2,700 fatal firearms accidents, about half hunting accidents, among the 76.2 million Americans, for an accidental firearms death rate of 3.5 per 100,000 population, almost four times the national homicide rate for that year.

Since then the unrelenting efforts of the shooting community have cut the accidental firearms death rat dramatically, as you can see from the chart, below:

The last year the CDC’s death certificate survey shows the death total and rate is 2015, when there were 489 such tragedies:

While the United States population has grown from 76.2 million by 426 percent since 1900, accidental firearms deaths have decreased by 96.7 percent.

The shooting community has much to be proud of in that and in other lifesaving efforts related to the shooting sports.

But there is one extremelly sore point that is like a sprained ankle. The pain is constant, and intensified every time we read a report of an inner city child who was prevented from learning children who see a gun should go get an adult by some tool of the gun ban industry.

The list of names of big city names who have refused to allow children to learn how to be safer is a long one. The list of children who will never be one second older is an even longer one.

And if we are to make the sort of progress at cutting crime and firearms accidents we are capable of making, we have some really hard work, marking ballots, to do.


NB: The lower image is the latest data available from the CDC’s WISQARS website. No release date for 2016 daata has come to my attention Data, and links, will be posted when available

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