Soros Funded “Color of Change” Behind Repeal “Stand Your Ground” Drive

The New American reports the Soros Funded group “Color of Change” is behind the attacks on Stand Your Ground laws.

Briefly quoting the New American report linked above:

Color of Change was founded in 2005 by James Rucker and Van Jones. Rucker previously directed Grassroots Mobilization for — one of multiple groups funded by George Soros. Jones served as Special Advisor for Green Jobs in the Obama administration, a position from which he resigned after it was exposed that he belonged to Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), an underground Marxist movement.

In reality, both Rucker and Jones are Marxists. When Soros became dissatisfied with and it’s overall lack of effectiveness, several activists in that organization spun off scion organizations, of which Color of Change is one.

Neither Jones or Rucker are interested in the results of Stand Your Ground, Castle Doctrine, or of relaxed gun control laws. The fact that the black homicide rate has dropped 55 percent since Florida began to relax its gun laws is of supreme disinterest. What does interest Jones and Rucker is moving a armed and relatively free society to a disarmed one that will be unable to resist “another 1917.”

Something that will require an American disarmament.


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