Socialism At Work

The Federalist has an a report on the current situation in Venezuela. Including a nice photo of well stocked store shelves.

Click on over, the Alley will be here when you click back. When you get back, reflect on the fact that in general Venezuela’s story is the story of every Socialist country.

The Socialists come to power promising a world where gold is paving material and no one wants for anything.

The regime in power must protect itself, so weapons are banned or “controlled.”

Secure in power, the regime taxes or confiscates the wealth.

And then the horrors begin. Chavez and Maduro empty store shelves, so people will be forced to depend on the government’s scanty largess. As have most modern STates.

Justinian, Emperor of Byzantium, systematically move farms away from his capitol, so people would be dependent on a few rich merchants for food, fiber and leather. And when a merchant had amassed sufficient wealth Justinian confiscated everything on some pretext, leaving the wealthy and powerful near naked and hungry on the streets. A scheme a number of Socialist regimes are following today.

Socialism is the success of empty promises over a reasoned economic and social system. It is a government by sharpers, for suckers.


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