Soaring Violent Crime Rate; But Venezuela’s Dictatorship Is A Crime In Itself

As I have repeatedly pointed out, under Dictador Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s crime rates have not gone “sky high,” they have gone to the stars. The crime rate is over 50,000 per 100,000 population, the violent crime rate at more than 15,000 per 100,000 and the murder rate at an estimated 220 per 100,000.

In more ordinary terms, out of every million of Chavez’ subjects; 500,000 Venezuelans will be crime victims and 150,000 Venezuelans will be criminally assaulted, robbed, raped, or murdered during 2012. Of every million – 2,200 will be murdered. And those numbers are getting worse by the day.

But there is another aspect to Chavez’ dictatorship that is a crime in itself. The crime is the way the Chavez regime treats those who “offend Hugo” exceeds the notorious cruelty of Tamerlane.

Fausta at Fausta’s Blog has the story of one of Chavez’ political prisoners, Judge María Lourdes Afiuni Mora.

Fausta’s post is well worth the read, because Chavez’ tactics are typical of the extreme political left. A group that applauds gun control and the high crime rates that come with it.


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