Should Training Be Required For Those Who Carry?

Someone stopped by searching for “why no training for gun permit holders.”

Almost certainly because someone took a long look at mandatory “Eight hours of range time” requirements. Such rules are intended to discourage obtaining a License To Carry, and make very little good they do.

That does not mean gun training is a bad idea, but requiring an applicant for a CCW to score 990 on a target at 15 yards ignores the reality that most “deadlllly encounters” occur at six feet or less. Surelly, any normally endowed person can hit a target they could reach out and touch.

But what is necessary is gun safety, actually gun avoidance, training for the very young. Children, ALL children, should be taught that if they see a gun, stop what they are doing, and go get a responsible adult.

Later, when they are physically able to handle a gun, they should be taught the basics of gun safety, of checking for an empty chamber, neer point a gun at something you do not want to destroy, and so on. Ten to twelve is about right, and sixty grade smallbore leagues shouild be brought back.

High school shooting league; trap, skeet, or smallbore, are a valuable tool in teaching respect for what a carelessly handled gun will do, and youth night at the range is also good at imparting proper respect for guns.

And among all that, aa few words on what is permissible in defending oneself are also a good idea.

But a permit to exercise a Constitutional Right? Noo, no, and forevermore no.

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