Should The BATFE Be Disbanded?

Someone came by searching for “should the atf be disbanded.”

Well, until the day rationality makes an appearance in Congress and the idiotic Gun Control Act of 1968 is repealed, someone must license and inspect gun dealers.

If, and it is a major If, the ATF can get rid of their “Still Buster mentality” and be turned into a respectable law enforcement agency, the answer would be no. The ATF should be reformed and reconstituted, not disbanded.

However, if ATF remains in the hands of the people who have committed so many atrocities in the name of enforcing regulations they make up on the fly, the only responsible alternative will be to disband ATF. And to give the job of licensing and inspecting gun dealers to some other agency.

It will take a hard handed professional law enforcement officer at the helm of ATF, a man free to hire, to fire, to promote, and to demote existing staff in order to clean up ATF. That man or woman must have a trained and dedicated cadre of supervisors to oversee the minutia of day to day ATF operations.

No nonsense supervisors, who cannot be stampeded into approving entrapment operations, gunrunning, and the other disgraceful and usually unlawful activities the “cowboys” of the ATF have been involved in during the 16,380 days since the Internal Revenue Services Alcohol Tax Unit took on the job of licensing and inspecting gun dealers.

Whether such a man can be found is questionable. Whether the Senate would confirm such a man, even if one is found, is more than questionable. After all, many in the Senate have profited politically by the ATF’s “Operations.”


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