Shades of 2007, Obama Re-Ups “Fight The Smears”

I see the Obama campaign has recycled 2007’s “Fight The Smears” web site as “Attack Watch.” And of course all the loyal little ObamaBots are supposed to report every negative mention of Obama – and refute it. No doubt the same way they did the last time. With a personal attack.

The theory is an old one, of course. There is very little new under the sun. And nothing else new is likely to come from Ethan Winner, David Axelrod, and the Obama Campaign.

So far, their only contribution to politics has been the “slime Sarah Palin” campaign which Ethan Winner originated and hosted on the same server he hosted the stop the lies website. And Axelrod’s contribution to that smear campaign was the use of the voice over artists and commercial readers his PR company had on staff.

Now, we have Attack Watch, almost parodied here. Almost – because the general tone is the same as the real attack watch website:

And of course the smear campaign against Governor Palin has cranked up all over again, this time even more viciously. Someone in Texas is offering a hundred grand for dirt on Governor Perry. The media is full of attacks on Ron Paul. And Herman Cain. It appears a politically motivated investigation into Wisconsin’s Governor Walker is in the works. It will not be long before every Republican of any prominence will have his or her coterie of politically motivated investigators.

There’s an old saying about the pitcher that went to the well once too often. The Obama camp has been to the well far too often.

I think the American public is sick and tired of the sort of dirty politics the left is playing. Neither yellow “journalism” nor smears for the sake of smears have a place in today’s politics.

As the old timers said it, “Them politicians is carryin’ a whole heap of crawling things.” They are – and it is time for a hot bath.


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