Shades Of 1933; The Progressive Dogma Is Cast In Stone

In 1933 several officials held over from the Weimar Republic were suspended and investigated for failing to strictly adhere Rehchancellor Hitlers policies. Most were eventually sent to Dachau, then a camp for political prisoners, where the survivors were subject to abuse, and those who did not survive were sent to extermination camps.

Steve Bartin’s Newsalert reports Fordham University is investigating a staff member for questioning the Progressive dogma that insits there is a rape epidemic on college campuses.

The claim is a bogus as the proverbial $19.00 Hillary Rodham Federal Reserve note, but because it is a part of the Democratic Socialists propaganda the dogma is accepted as fact.

Tat bit of useful fiction is the more credible because only a fraction 0 from four to seventeen percent – of forcible sexual assaults are reported to the police. Since we deal in official data and what we have is unreliable, we seldom report on the incidence of rape. Other than to note the very low percentage of successful attacks when the victim is armed.

However, there is one source of data that is both unbiased, and that should be accurate. That is the Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of campus rape.

Here is what the BJS has to say about this “99 percent of female college students are raped before graduation” story the extreme left is spreading as fact:

Obviously, there is no “camus rape epidemic.” Equally obviously, the incidence of that violent crime is among college students is about the same as that of women in that age cohort, sometimes leading and sometimes lagging that of the non-student cohort.

Which makes the Fordham investigation a – excuse teh expression, lady – witch hunt. In a civilized society it would bring into question Fordham’s qualifications to be a prep school, much less a college.


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