Setback: 9th Circuit Claims No RIGHT TO CARRY

In what should be a very temporary setback for our Constitutional right, the far left 9th Federal Cour of Appeals has held that Americans have NO RIGHT to concealed carry.

Of course, the First Amendment’s “Congress shall make no law” does not establish a legal right to do anything. As the Founders clearly expected, the States could regulate religion, free speech, public assembly, protest grievances, and so on. The States could, but the Congress could not. It was not until almost 1800 that the doctrine of “forbidden Congress, forbidden the States” was handed down.

But the Second Amendment is cast in formal legal terms. The preamble states why the Article was written, to assist in forming militias. The body of the Article spells out that the “RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS shall not be abridged. Not by a city council, not by a Sate legislature, not by the Executive branch of the Federal government, and not by any member or collective of members of a court.

Since that is the case, and that case is demonstrably true, the Ninth Circuit decree can and will be overruled.

That is, it can and will be overruled provided we Americans go to the polls in November, and vote in a responsible President and Congress.

Absent the Ninth Circuit’s home of California, where the Democrats have rigged the elections to exclude Republicans an other “untermenchen,” if we go to the polls and vote, We will have a responsible government by the end of January, 2017.

So let’s get moving, we cannot afford any more of this.


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