Senator Pat Lehy _ANTI-VT) Gun Control Activist

The last of the sitting Democratic Senators to run for reelection in 2016 is 76 year old Senator Patrick Leahy, the Senior NTI-GUN Partei stalwart who makes one of the cradles of American Liberty. the Green Mountain State anti-gun in the Senate.

An active Democrat, Leahy came of age just in time to cast his first vote for President John F. Kennedy. He was a student at Georgetown School of Law when President Kennedy was murdered in 1963. That may explain his marked dislike of guns and gun owners, or that may come from his wife, who apparently hails from a deeply Socialist part of Quebec.

Going into politics, Leahy found it convenient to emulate

Like Nevada’s “gun owners friend,” Harry Reid, Leahy votes for enough good laws to conviant to emulate Nevada Senator Harry “the gun owners friend” Reidd, a great friend of gun owners and voice votes. but no friend at all when the votes were counted.

but does this sound like he’s pro-gun-rights as he pushes one of the two worst bills ever to come before the Senate – and speaks well of the speaks highly of the Manchin-Toomey gun confiscation amendment?

So Leahy supports the Universal background checks that have i invariably led to gun and gun owner registration and that have invariably led to mass murder from the Armenian genocide to the Michoacan Murders.

Since the Congressional Record became computerized, Leahy has sponsored or co=sponsored a staggering 2,030 bills to ban or “regulate” so-called “assault weapons,” 3,067 bills regulating standard capacity magazines, when Leahy also calls “large capacity ammunition feeding devices,” and well over 1,000 other gun control bills.

Don’t let Patrick Leahy fool you. He is as anti-gun as they come. And by his record. to On The Issues, I see Leahy is a straight line Party voter, a reliable back bencher whose vote will support the Partei, regardless of its effect on Vermonters.

Apparently, Leahy has never seen a tax bill he did not like, making him a typical borrow, print, tax and blow Democrat.

Our standard rating system gives Leahy a W on economics, a Z on social issues, and a Z on civil and gun rights.

Senator Leahy has served more years in the senate than most Americans have lived. Based on his record it is time for the Senator to, as he Australians put it, “go to the long yard,” to be “put out to pasture.

It is time for a new voice in Washington, a clear voice, with votes influenced by fact and not party politics.


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