Senator Chris Murphy: You Can Tell Election’s Coming

Senator Chris Murphy is an anti-gun Democrat. He is not a recent convert, he has been a stalwart foe of private gun ownership. here is the ANTI in full flight:

so it is an established fact that Seantor Chris Murphy is a rabid anti-gun activist – and has voted for radical gun laws, including Joe Manchin’s S.AMDT.710 To S.649, the Assault Weapons Ban Act of 2013, which is posted here and at Casa Extrano, in full.

But now that we are only 13 months until the 2018 elections, Chris Murphy has suddenly become a major supporter of the Second Amendment. Which sounds to me lilke putting an athletic supporter on a lady and passing her off as a man.

But then, ever two years, every Democratic Congressman goes home and declares his or her undying love for the Second Amendment, gun rights, self defense, and the whole nine yars. The Ssenators are the same, but their terms are longer, six years instead of two.

Yep, hris Murphy loves guns the same way the devil is said to love holy water.

And since Murphy’s corwd seem to be liars by nature, we cannot trust any of them. Especially something as precious as our lives and freedoms.


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