Self Defense Shooting: 78 Year Old vs 17 Year Old Home Invader

With a tip of the Resistol to Gun Wire for the tip, I see a 78 year old homeowner shot and seriously wounded an armed 17 year old home invader “who had been in trouble with the law before.

Briefly quoting the Cleveland Plain Dealer report:

The youth “had a screwdriver and popped out the lock. When he pushed open the door I fired one shot,” Ziolkowski. The intruder slumped against the door, and the old man couldn’t open it so he called 911.

The 11 p.m. break-in was the second one of the day, he said. That morning someone had broken into the upstairs apartment “and the carpet had been cut out.”

Between the two burglaries, intruders “busted out three of my doors, the back door, one to the downstairs apartment and one to the upstairs. They’re the old type and you can’t buy them anymore. So I’ll get steel ones and steel jambs. They want a fortune for those.”

Notably, Mr. Ziolkowski reports his .32 caliber Beretta jammed after the first shot. My guess is the piece wants a round nose cartridge, but he may have “limp wristed” it when he fired. I would replace it with a heavier gun that would be less likely to jam before I spent another night in that house.

But any confrontation you survive is a good one. Good shooting, Sir.


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