Seattle Going The Way Of Chicago

Fox News reports Seattle’s ANTI Party pols intend to kill gun dealers with a business killing tax on purchases.

Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

On January 1 Seattle began imposing a $25 tax on every gun and a 5-cent tax on every round sold within city limits. The stated objective was to raise up to $500,000 per year to fund programs to prevent gun violence. But Coombs claims the real effect is to kill his business, and a gun rights legal foundation is battling the city for figures it believes will show the law was never about taking in revenue.

And of course , Seattle’s gun dealers are very well stocked with everything but customers. This at a time when Americans buy more guns in ninety days than the mean number purchased in a year in the 20th Century. And, until Obama’s invited cirminals started preying on Americans, our homicide rate was the lowest in 110 years. B years,

Seattle’s Democrats obviously want to follow Chicago’s lead and end gun purchases in their city. And turn Seattle’s soaring violent crime and murder rates into Seattle’s Skyrocketing murder and violent crime rates.

Here is what happened to Chicago’s homicide rate, first as a result of Illinois FOID “permit to purchase” law, and second by Alderman and “made man Fred Roti’s mob lawyer written gun ban in 1982,


It was not until 1993 that Chicago’s sky high murder rate began to come down to third world levels – as r relaxed gun laws in neighboring States permitted a few good citizens to bring in weapons for self defense. Criminals who once ran wild, protected by Roti’s gun ban, started to come back to mere third world levels.

And now Seattle’s civil masters want to follow Chicago’s lead. In an America where the courts are increasingly ruling the right to buy, to keep, and to carry a gun is a Constitutionally protected right, not subject to restrictions by Jackass Partei pols.

But this is yet another critical matter to be taken up by the next Congress. It is absolutely critical that pro-crime gun restrictions are preempted, and a heft fine be imposed for anyone attempts to establish these laws or to enforce them.

$10,000 a day would each, paid from the perpetrator’s own resources, be about right.

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