Almost every gun blogger engages in at least some political comment. Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer has introduce a bill, putatively in response to the recent Citizens United Decision, that would make it virtually impossible for anyone to make a political comment without running afoul of Schumers law.

Schumer’s law is so all embracing that a non profit organization would have to reveal its membership list before it could make a political statement. And yes, reading the DISCLOSE Act reveals it will apply to political statements by bloggers as well.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent overview of Schumers DISCLOSE Act.

Briefly quoting the WSJ item: “hose regulatory burdens often fall hardest not on large-scale players in the political world but on spontaneous grass-roots movements, upstart, low-budget campaigns, and unwitting volunteers. Violating the law by engaging in forbidden political speech can land you in a federal prison, a very un-American notion. The Disclose Act exacerbates many of these problems and is a blatant attempt by its sponsors to do indirectly, through excessively onerous regulatory requirements, what the Supreme Court told Congress it cannot do directly—restrict political speech.”

As you know, Schumer is one of the most outspoken opponents of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Now he has carried his war against the Bill of Rights to Freedom of Speech. No doubt freedom of assembly will be next, since Chucky is anti-TEA Party as well.

The text of Schumer’s attempt to muzzle free speech is at this link (pdf.)

A six page summary of Schumer’s DISCLOSE Act is here.(pdf.)

This bill is a threat to every gun rights organization – and to everyone who expresses an opinion that does not meet Schumer’s “standards.” It is another reason to keep your Congress Creatures on speed dial. Call them and protest. Call them because a phone call gets someone’s attention – and it’s cheaper than postage.


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