San Jose City Council Passes gun Control Bill

San Jose’s Mercury News reports the San Jose city council has fixed the gun violence problem with a law.

Brieflly quoting the Mercury News report linked above:::

The San Jose City Council approved the hotly-debated ordinance on a 6-5 vote late Tuesday, with some of the city’s elected leaders favoring stronger protections. The San Jose law is similar to safe-storage gun laws in San Francisco, Oakland, Sunnyvale and Berkeley. State law requires that guns be locked up or secured only in homes with young children.

So San Jose thinks that keeping guns that will never gu used in a crime away from the law abiding citizens who own them will keep the armed criminals, now with more than 20 million stolen guns at their disposal, from criminally victimizing the law abiding.

The District of Columbia thought the same thing, back in 1976, but went just a tad further, to a total ban on guns. Here’s what happened after the courts upheld that law:

Of course, the Heller Decision om 2008 rendered Criminal Protection Act unconstitutional. And resulted in a huge drop in all crime rates, including violent crimes and murder.

I will post the results of the District’s gun ban in the next day or two, as soon as the total cost of the District’s gun ban comes over.

But one thing is certain. The vote for this horror was 6 to 5. The six who voted for it should pay for it. All of it, from the cost of a wrongful death for the extra murder victims to the cost of a lost box of toys for a burglarized inner city family.

Because in a civilized society, if you break it, you fix it. With an an apology and and a pleasant smile.


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