S-3525, The Sportsman’s Act of 2012 Update

For those who have been anxiously watching the progress of S-3525, the Sportsman’s Act of 2012, the Senate voted on one amendment last night before it quit for the day.

Among other good things, S-3525 would protect lead bullets from the bullet banners. That is more than enough to earn our consideration. But there is a great deal more in S-3525 that should get our support.

And as the saying goes, “The friends of our enemy are also our enemy.” Environmental groups, in particular the bird watchers and the feral cat protection societies, are out in force to defeat S-3525. Neither group is a friend of wildlife, the one protecting the most serious threat most small animals and birds face; the other likely to tear down acres of prime wildlife shelter* in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a windblown European bird.

If you have not called your Senators to support this critically important bill, please do so today.


* And yes, I speak from experience. The Kallikak’s even invaded my property to destroy a half acre of habitat I spent most of five years encouraging. All to see a supposed stray bird from South America.


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