Roy Moore Accustoms Becoming Less Credible

Last week a former Clinton campaign worker and reputed Hillary loyalist accused Candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore of inappropriate conduct.

That story was and is widely doubted, with FNHQ as its primary supporter, to the point of asking if Roy Moore would put his hand on a Bible as swear he is innocent of the charges.

Now, Breitbart reports Judge Moore’s accuser’s mother has contradicted a key part of her daughters accusation.

Of course, that puts the accusation against a many with a sterling reputation for probity further in doubt.

Judge Moore says he is innocent, and his accuser says he is g guilty. In the absense of further evidence, the cas can only result in a “Scotch verdict” of “not proven.

And, as the saying goes, a man is inocent until he is proven guilty. Except a conservative man whose name appears in Fake News Head Quarters.


ADDENDUM – This link goes to a character reference at Steve Bartin’s Newsaalert. From what I hear, it is getting a lot of attention in Alabama.

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