Rolling Stone Brags About Helping Drive Up Murder Rates

I see is bragging about its support for gun control, as if driving up homicide and violent crime rates were some sort of achievement.

The chart below, based in homicide numbers taken directly from the FBI Uniform crime Report from 1950 to the present, shows the results of “taking on guns.” What it does not show is the fact the entertainment industry’s gun control campaing of 1963 ended a 30 years of decline in every American crime category, and the 25 percentage points increase in gun related homicides between 1963 and 1968,from 47 to 72 percent of all homicides:

Come to think of it, the chart only hints at the 800,000 excess deaths that gun ban campaign has to its discredit.

Personally, I do not consider promoting something that sends the violent crime and murder rates soaring is very creditable, but as the country fiddler said about the tune he was playing, “Tastes vary.”


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